We not only invest our time in the area through real estate, but through volunteering and donating to the charities, programs, and organizations that make a difference in our community and across the world.

Members of The Miracle Home Program (Sick Kids Foundation)

At the end of every real estate transaction we make, we pledge a donation that goes directly towards Sick Kids Hospital Foundation to support their highest priority needs in research and equipment. Over the years, this fundraising has helped find the causes and cures for many childhood illnesses, has improved essential technology, and implemented life-saving treatments to reduce complications from surgery, minimize the risk of infection, reduce hospital stay time, and more.

World Vision Foster Parents

We sponsor three foster children, one in Bolivia and two in Africa, through the Foster Parents Plan of Canada. This support translates into positive results for foster children, their families, and their communities; results such as immunization, clean water, going to school, a safe home, and opportunities for a better life.


The Oulahen Team In Action